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Jet Orientation Course

Jet orientation preparation

Training from commercial piston engine to a jet airline environment?
This is the ideal preparation!

Minimum requirements:

•  CPL MIR.  ATPL subjects passed  (non current IR acceptable)

•  Level 4 English

•  Photo ID and Pilots Licence required on day one


•  5 day course for two pilot crew, includes 20 hrs 737NG type fixed base simulator (10hrs PF, 10 hrs PM) + 10 hrs class room (includes briefing and de-briefing) 

•  3 day abridged course for one pilot includes 12 hrs of simulator (10hrs PF, 2 hrs PM) 8hrs class room (includes briefing and de-briefing)

Classroom content 

Jet Orientation Preparation4 hours ground school day one includes an introduction to:

•  Basic jet aerodynamics, high altitude ops 
•  Aircraft systems, panel layout
•  Flight Management Systems
•  SOP’s
•  Multi Crew concepts
•  QRH
•  Operational profiles 
•  Day 1 simulator briefing 
•  On completion a general discussion on course content or particular areas over refreshments
•  Ground school conducted by a qualified instructor with extensive airline experience

Content of Simulator details include:

•  Comprehensive brief and debrief of each detail content
•  Flight Director, Autopilot, Autothrottle, FMC
•  Sids/Stars, Tracking
•  Raw data flying
•  ILS approaches with and without flight director
•  Non precision approaches (NDB VOR)
•  Visual circuits
•  Holding
•  Descent Planing, Approach and Go Around
•  Handling non normal situations
•  Low Visibility, Visual to IMC transitions
•  Loft exercises, practice effective briefing and CRM skills

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(Please advise course duration interested in. 3day or 5 day