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A Fantastic Team Building Day


Fly from Brisbane to Auckland or London Heathrow to Naples the choice is yours

Shorter or longer trips to suit your package. 

The day will begin with a thirty five minute brief  by your Airline Training Captain to outline the necessary elements your boss (the Captain) will use to make decisions prior to and during the flight.

The brief will include:

Aircraft serviceability

Crew requirements

Weather for departure, enroute, arrival

Fuel requirements etc.


Unfortunately this flight will come with its fair share of decision making problems

from passenger loading issues to aircraft and or crew problems enroute including e.g. rough weather at your destination!

As the boss is the Captain you would expect he or she knows how to fly this multi engine passenger jet

An Airline Training Captain brief is provided before the passengers arrive on the day to cover this all important detail.

The Captains Co-Pilot of course will be provided the same information as the Captain in case he or she needs to assist at any stage of flight management.

The passenger jet has fully functioning flight controls and associated engine noises including full 210 degree wrap around views with weather control.

 The cabin includes an eleven seat passenger cabin with reclining seats, overhead lockers and personal service units along with outside side views.

 CCTV with audio of the pilots actions shown on the passenger cabin screen.

 You and your colleagues will be provided with a light lunch and refreshments served by the Head of Cabin Crew and a company flight attendant. 

 The Airline Training Captain will be on the Flight Deck in the Instructors seat assisting with flight manoeuvres only!!

 The rest is down to how well the flight is managed by the team during non-normal situations to ensure a safe and successful outcome.

All team members get to fly.



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