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Airline Pilot Assessment Preparation

Airline Pilot Assessment PreparationWe cannot stress how invaluable this preparation is. You will be confident for your interview knowing you are well prepared providing the best chance of success in obtaining that airline job.

Stay proficient and keep your hard earned skills to the high standard you acquired!

3 day course

Day 1:

•  1hr 30mins classroom brief covering panel layout, handling characteristics and procedures
•  SOP’s
•  Check lists. Pitch and Thrust settings for flight stages.
•  Detail brief
•  1hr 30mins sim detail (your choice of flying left or right seat)
•  Debrief

Day 2:

•  Detail brief
•  1hr 30mins sim detail
•  Debrief
•  Consolidation study and discussion of checklists
•  Procedures
•  Attitude and power settings required for each stage of flight in different configurations

Airline Pilot Assessment PreparationDay 3:

•  Detail brief
•  1hr 30mins sim detail
•  Debrief
•  Discussion on any particular points of your choice followed by 45mins sim practice to consolidate
•  Break
•  45mins airline sim assessment detail

Sim details cover: Take-off, climb, level flight, turns including steep turns, descent, tracking and holding. ILS approach and landing. Raw data flying.

Aircraft on runway engines running for each detail

Benefit from instructors who are highly experienced having flown many thousand of hours with major carrier’s world wide and are keen to help you sharpen your skills

Current Boeing and Airbus simulator instructors available Flexible to suit your time frame.

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