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About Us

We welcome you to our Flight Simulator Sunshine Coast Centre in Queensland Australia.

Here you will find both piston and jet type fixed base simulators catering for the leisure activity of private flying through to jet airline familiarisation and procedures practice for Commercial Pilots. Our simulators are equipped with 210 degree wrap around visuals and sound for a full immersive experience including full IFR capabilities. Our CBT mock-up is also available giving you that extra opportunity to practice aircraft systems and procedures prior to consolidating in the fixed based simulator.

To cater for our pilot programs we offer a fully equipped lecture room, pilot lounge and briefing rooms. 

The simulators were manufactured in UK by Flightdeck Technology who have a long track record of fixed base simulator construction. The fixed base simulators are built to a very high standard and incorporate the use of a very comprehensive touch screen instructor station.

Here at our sim centre you can practice and prepare for that all important pilot job or even become a pilot for an hour with our flight experience packages. We offer excellent value with all our courses and flight experience packages including the flexibility to suit your time frames.

You will benefit from a team of friendly enthusiastic and highly experienced pilots and instructors with many thousands of hours in airline and general aviation flying, keen to help and impart their knowledge giving you the best opportunity in achieving your goals.

The flight sim experience is operated by Ufly sims, our sister company in flight sim entertainment.